Reentry Programs

Changin' Your Game Plan

Changin' Your Game Plan is a prison reentry readiness strategy. It is an innovative reading, rethinking, and practical approach to change and successful prison reentry.. This no-nonsense, no-holds-barred, no-excuses, take responsibility for your life reentry strategy will motivate men, women and justice involved youth to examine the choices they’ve made and the life they’ve lived which ultimately landed them in prison or on probation/parole supervision.

This innovative program was developed to be used in group settings, as independent study, or through correspondence. Changin' Your Game Plan takes participants by the hand and walks them down the road or change, self improvement and transformation.

Beyond Prison Probation and Parole (video/workshop series)

is a interactive approach to preparing men and women for a successful transition back to their family, community and society after prison. Using the power of storytelling and personal experience, the men and women featured in Beyond Prison, Probation and Parole make a powerful and compelling case for positive change, each prove success is attainable after incarceration. Each feature comes with a educational component that is specifically designed to engage program participants in a way that promotes positive change.  Men and women will walk away empowered, inspired and motivated to create a plan for themselves after being exposed to the Beyond Prison, Probation and Parole film series/reentry program...

Edovo testimonial

We're glad to have partnered with BPPP.  The data and feedback show that BPPP is an engaging course that grabs our students' interest where they are, and helps them change their mindsets about reentry to where they need to be.  For our students, having testimonials from people with similar backgrounds and struggles who have gone onto success after re-entry is critical to maintaining student interest and changing student mindsets.

Video Series available on the Edovo tablet Platform

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#1 most popular course started out of 200+ over lifespan of course (June 17, 2016 - present)
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