Changin’ Your Game Plan Prison Release Readiness Program

Reentry Facilitators, Correctional Educators, Probation/Parole Officers

If you work with incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, or individuals under court ordered supervision, the Changin' Your Game Plan Prison Reentry Readiness Strategy is a powerful program that will provide you the tools to help guide your groups through the process of positive change, self-discovery and reentry preparedness. Let us show you how to incorporate these life changing reentry program materials into your reentry initiative.

Start by using Randy Kearse's powerful story of transformation told in his bestselling book Changin' Your Game Plan: How I used Incarceration as a stepping-stone for SUCCESS. Assign Changin' Your Game Plan, as required reading for your reentry group and watch how participants immediately begin to absorb and want to discuss the positive messages littered throughout the book. Awesome for group discussion and/or a book report activity.

​Changin' Your Game Plan: The Blueprint for SUCCESSFUL Prison Reentry is the prefect followup to reading Randy's inspiring journey of change. This reentry study guide has 50+ soul searching chapters, question/answer exercises after each chapter, a vocabulary building tool incorporated in each chapter and a 72hr, 30 day, 6 month, 1-5 year, and lifetime reentry plan templates. From the time your group opens this life-changing workbook, participants will immerse themselves in the lessons that will walk them down the road of change

​My New Game Plan: The Future is a journal workbook that encourages and challenges participants to keep a record of their thoughts, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The journal provides a safe place for participants to examine, reexamine and workout any kinks in their thinking that may get in the way of positive progress.

Program Strategies

Release Preparation
Positive/Critical Thinking
Self Improvement
Anger Management
Problem Solving
Relationship Building
Attitude Adjustment
and more.


Program Highlights

Cost Effective
Cd Format Available
Dvd/Workshop Cds
Release Templates


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Changin' Your Game Plan (Paperback)

Changin' Your Game Plan (Workbook)

My New Game Plan (Journal)

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