The Founder

Randy Kearse is the founder and CEO of “Reentry Strategies (RES). He put together a team of successful formerly incarcerated men and women to create innovative reentry programming that will resonate with those who are in need of relatable reentry resources, tools, and strategies.

The concept for RES was born while Randy was servings a 15-year sentence in federal prison for a non-violent drug offense. While serving his sentence and paying his debt to society Randy had a growing desire to leave his negative past behind, and begin a path to living a positive and productive life.

During his incarceration, Mr. Kearse quickly discovered if he wanted to change, he’d have to take the responsibility to rehabilitate himself into his own hands, because rehabilitative programming in the FBOP was either outdated, not created by people who shared his life experiences, or rehabilitative programming was non-existent.

After years of internal soul searches, reflection, and coming face-to-face with his own personal truths, Randy was able to develop and implement a reentry strategy that helped him reach his goal of, change, personal growth and successful transition from prison back to his family, community and society.

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The Journey to Reentry Advocacy