Beyond Prison Probation and Parole

Beyond Prison Probation and Parole (video/workshop series)

is a interactive approach to preparing men and women for a successful transition back to their family, community and society after prison. Using the power of storytelling and personal experience, the men and women featured in Beyond Prison, Probation and Parole make a powerful and compelling case for positive change, each prove success is attainable after incarceration. Each feature comes with a educational component that is specifically designed to engage program participants in a way that promotes positive change.  Men and women will walk away empowered, inspired and motivated to create a plan for themselves after being exposed to the Beyond Prison, Probation and Parole film series/reentry program... 

Order Complete Program 10 videos and 10 Workshop Cds! $349.99

  • Prison Release Readiness Program
  • 10 Videos (30 Minutes each)
  • 10 Workshop Cds (14 Pages each)  
  • Group or independent Study
  • Used by 1000s of inmates on Edvoo tablet
  • Low cost, high impact solution
  • Recidivism reduction objective
  • Life Changing, Motivating, Inspiring

Reentry Strategies partnered with Edovo (Jail Education Solutions) a social enterprise that brings education technology to jails and prisons. Our collaboration with Edovo allowed their curriculum specialists to develop an interactive curriculum around the Beyond Prison, Probation and Parole videos. This means our videos and their curriculum are accessible to inmates on and off the Edovo tablet around the country, changing the way incarcerated men and women view their path to rehabilitation.

Incorporating numerous comprehension and reflection exercises, the curriculum empowers instructors and support groups to help students make the most out of the powerful messages and strategies in each Beyond Prison, Probation and Parole video.

Each feature in the series is a powerful tool to energize, inspire and of course motivate people who want and need to transition from a life of poor choices, substance abuse and criminal behavior, to a positive and productive life.This film series features inspiring stories told by formerly incarcerated men and women who have overcome the hurdles, stigmas and challenges faced by returning citizens released from prison. 

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