Beyond Prison, Probation, and Parole

  • Prison Release Readiness
  • 10 Videos (30 Min. each)
  • 10 Workshop Cds
  • Used by 1000s of inmates on tablets platforms
  • Low Cost, High Impact Reentry Solution
  • Lifechanging, Inspiring, Motivational


Reentry Strategies pixel Beyond Prison, Probation, and Parole

Beyond Prison Probation and Parole is an interactive reentry video series that is changing the way incarcerated men and women view their path to rehabilitation.

The series features inspiring stories told by successful formerly incarcerated men and women who have overcome the challenges, obstacles, and fears associated with transitioning from prison back to society, family and community.

Each feature in this series is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and how each individual refused to let their past dictate their future.

This video series empowers instructors and support groups to help participants make the most out of the powerful, inspiring, and motivational messages/strategies in each Beyond Prison, Probational and Parole video

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Edovo Testimonial

“We’re happy to have partnered with Reentry Strategies. The data and feedback show that BPPP is an engaging course that grabs our students’ interest where they are and helps them change their mindsets about reentry to where they need to be. For our students, having testimonials from people with similar backgrounds and struggles who have gone onto success after reentry is critical to maintaining student interest in building a better future for themselves.”

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