About Reentry Strategies

Reentry Strategies is a media company that creates cognitive behavior based educational and life skill building books, workbooks, videos and virtual content for people that are incarcerated, returning citizens, or under community supervision.

Our reentry strategies are powerful tools for correctional educators, reentry counselors, probation/parole officers, reentry programs, that meet the goal of helping people properly prepare for a successful life after jail, prison or community supervision

Our programs are changing the hearts, minds and behavior of the most street/prison hardened individuals. People who had once given up on themselves are now reclaiming their lives after a lifetime of poor choices, crime, substance abuse and trauma. 

About Randy Kearse

The concept for Reentry Strategies was created by me, Randy Kearse, while serving a 15-year sentence in federal prison for drug trafficking. After years of internal soul searching, reflection, personal development, and consulting with thousands of recidivists during my incarceration, I was able to create and implement a reentry strategy that has helped me become a best selling author, talk show host/producer, activist and motivational speaker.