Beyond Prison
Probation and Parole

… is a prison reentry
readiness video series that features
inspiring stories told by formerly incarcerated men and women who have overcome the challenges, obstacles and stigmas faced by individuals released from prison. probation and parole.

Using the power of storytelling and personal experience, the men and women featured in Beyond Prison, Probation and Parole make a real and compelling case for positive change, proving success is attainable after incarceration.

Incorporating numerous question and reflection exercises, with each video empower instructors and support groups to help students make the most out of the powerful messages and strategies in each

In their own words, each person in the series shares the lessons he/she has learned from the mistakes he/ she has made and how those lessons helped shape each person’s successful transition back to society.

Spanish translation of the video series, makes it easy for you to make it available to the latino population within your facility/program. All videos come with with Spanish subtitles.

Each of the 10 videos come with question and refection exercises

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