The Mission

To reduce recidivism by helping people succeed during and after jail, prison or community supervision. We believe in order for people to make a successful transition from prison they have to have access to powerful, practical reentry tools, resources, and strategies that will help them break the cycle of poor choices, addiction, and criminal behavior to become positive contributors to their family and society.

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The Challenge

Within three years of release, about two-thirds (67.8 percent) of released prisoners were rearrested. Within five years of release, about three-quarters (76.6 percent of released prisoners were rearrested, more than (56.7 percent) were arrested by the end of the first year.

The Solution

Provide incarcerated men, women and justice-involved youth with innovative reentry program tools, resources, and strategies that will help transform them into positive and productive members of society.

Life Skill Training, Career Development, Entrepreneurship, Parenting, Family Reunification and more

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Reentry Strategies creates transformative, cognitive-behavioral, life-changing reentry program materials, workshops, and presentations. Our content is developed by successful formerly incarcerated men and women who have freed themselves from the street/prison mentality and have overcome the challenges, obstacles, and stigmas associated with transitioning from prison back to society.


“My groups are engaged and eager to discuss the strategies laid out in CYGP.” D. Thomas, Reentry counselor

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“This program brings people face-to-face with their own personal truths.”
Strive, Reentry counselor


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Let us show you how you can incorporate these reentry programs into your reentry initiative.