Equipping People With The Tools to Succeed

During and After Incarceration

Startegies for Success

Reentry Strategies creates solution orientated strategies to help incarcerated and formerly incarcerated men and women abandon destructive behaviors, reckless lifestyles and poor decision making. 

Our strategies are cognitive behavioral based, educational, life skill building tools, workshops, presentations and multimedia content that emphasizes positive/critical thinking, preparedness, conflict resolutions, problem solving, communication, healthy relationship building, positive attitude adjustment and more.

These are powerful tools for correctional educators, reentry counselors, probation/parole officers, reentry programs, and prison ministry to help them meet the goal of helping people properly prepare for a successful life after prison or after meeting their court ordered supervision.

If You Can Change A Person's Thinking....

You Can Change Their Life!

Changin' Your Game Plan

A Prison Reentry Readiness Strategy

Beyond Prison Probation and Parole

Reentry Strategies That Are Changing People’s Lives!

Our Mission

  • To provide men and women with the necessary tools to successfully transition from prison back to their family, community and society, positively and productively!
  • To have our strategies incorporated into every city, state and federal prison reentry program or initiative.
  • To have our strategies used by every probation and parole office to help probationers/parolees complete their supervision obligation successfully.
  • To partner with agencies to help them create strategies that are specific to their clients needs.